An aspiring Data Scientist

Two years after joining in SRM University in a Computer Science Bachelors Degree, was all it took before I realized I wanted to shift towards a more data-centric career. After seeing the skillset of Data Scientist like coding ,math and statistics,Machine learning,…. was the moment when I decided where my long-term passions resided.

As per my knowledge the skills required to be a Data Scientist are:

  • Statistics
  • At least one programming language — R/ Python
  • Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading
  • Data Wrangling and Data Exploration
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Advanced Machine Learning (Deep Learning)
  • Big Data Processing Frameworks
  • Data Visualization

Before telling the resources where i have learnt each of the above-mentioned points, let me categorize the skills.

As a Data Scientist, you’ll be responsible for jobs that span three domains of skills.

  • statistical/mathematical reasoning,
  • business communication/leadership, and
  • programming

The courses I have done and currently doing to achieve my Goal are :

Machine Learning | Coursera

Data Science MicroMasters® Program | edX

All the above courses helps you to learn skills like python,sql,machine learning,big data and all the maths related to data science

I would also like to recommend some other valuable courses like:

Data Science | Coursera

Applied Data Science with Python | Coursera

Mathematics for Machine Learning | Coursera

Applied Data Science with Python | Coursera

Deep Learning | Coursera

“Data Science takes the guesswork/emotions out of answering business questions by applying logic and mathematics to find better solutions.”

Have a Happy Learning :)

I am an aspiring data scientist who enjoys connecting the dots: be it ideas from different disciplines, people from different teams.

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